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Vanity Numbers in an ADHD World

ADHD – Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.   I know its

a mouthful and far more common than we think.

As I sit here with my 6 – 24″ computer monitors, 2 phones,

the radio on and TV tuned to Bloomberg, its going to be very

very hard for you to get my attention.    We live in a very busy world.

But when you do, I want immediate gratification.   An easy

checkout process, fast shipping and a 90 day return policy so

that I can return something if it does not meet my expectations.

(I return very few things because I don’t have the time to box

it up and go down to ship it….So i just re-gift it?)……I don’t even

buy books anymore, I download them to my iPhone so that I

can drive, learn and listen at the same time.

 So, do you think that when I speed read my emails, or something

interesting catches my attention that I am going to remember your

212-555-1212 phone number.   Never…… But I will remember 

your vanity phone number 1-800-Roofing,  or 1-800-Plumbing. 

Grab some attention……Especially in these economic times…..

Pay-Per-Call. No Click Fraud!!

Pay-Per-Call Advertising is both incredibly uncomplicated and very successful. We have been using it for years.

It works just like Pay-Per-Click Advertising, only instead of providing an interested customer with a web site, you give them a phone number.

You place your Pay-Per-Call advertisement in Google, Yahoo, MSN or any number of search engines that provide you with the ability to buy space. You can also use advertising networks like Miva, Ingenio, Jingle which are specifically focused on phone call tracking.

Wikipedia has a list of Service Providers and some more general information.

What are the benefits to Pay-Per-Call?

1. Competitors can’t click on your advertisement and cost you money….aka Click Fraud.
2. Your leads are more qualified. Callers Close.
3. You don’t have to pay for complicated web sites. It’s easy.
4. It’s easy to track your success. A notepad and “How did you hear about us” is all you need.

And, if you use a Vanity Number, you will save money on advertising. People will remember you and not have to go to the web and click on your ad again.

We find that when we provide our customers with our phone number in – big, red letters – in the same spot where they check product pricing, we get a large number of calls that have a very high close rate. And most of the calls we get are just to make make a customer comfortable about buying over the web.

Don’t forget, people still buy from people.