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Vanity Numbers in an ADHD World

ADHD – Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.   I know its

a mouthful and far more common than we think.

As I sit here with my 6 – 24″ computer monitors, 2 phones,

the radio on and TV tuned to Bloomberg, its going to be very

very hard for you to get my attention.    We live in a very busy world.

But when you do, I want immediate gratification.   An easy

checkout process, fast shipping and a 90 day return policy so

that I can return something if it does not meet my expectations.

(I return very few things because I don’t have the time to box

it up and go down to ship it….So i just re-gift it?)……I don’t even

buy books anymore, I download them to my iPhone so that I

can drive, learn and listen at the same time.

 So, do you think that when I speed read my emails, or something

interesting catches my attention that I am going to remember your

212-555-1212 phone number.   Never…… But I will remember 

your vanity phone number 1-800-Roofing,  or 1-800-Plumbing. 

Grab some attention……Especially in these economic times…..

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