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Marketing a Toll Free Number

Marketing a Number

Whether you’re building a business around your number, marketing a shared use program for multiple smaller businesses to share your number, or just looking for someone interested in the number, we need to market each differently. Here I refer mainly to the later two, selling your number or marketing shared use since the marketing involved with building your business may be totally different.

The first thing that we’ve learned from watching and working with several different numbers and programs, is to start with just one number in a business or industry that you know. This is obviously much more appropriate if you have multiple numbers. But niche programs also seem to do better than generic programs, and people trying to be everything to everyone or to do everything at once often get nothing done in the end.

The next general thing I’ve learned is simply not to spend too much money up front. Leverage your experience and some relatively inexpensive technology tools to get started and then expand your efforts as things progress. This should allow you to maintain a more positive cash flow while you learn what works and what doesn’t. One good way to do this for many people will be the Internet. If you have not looked into Pay Per Call marketing and using your Vanity Number in Pay Per Click marketing, stay tuned for later posts.

More traditional methods such as advertising, even within your industry and direct mail usually shouldn’t be attempted until after you’ve exhausted other possibilities.

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