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Wooba Google with the Green Teeth

Just when I thought it was safe to come out.

Google slaps me down.

Let’s be real. My goal is to get people to call me. Calls Close.

So I prefer to have a rather “shallow” – aka…Thin – web site that does not bore people with lots of detailed prose. They know what they want.

My goal it to give them the cheapest price – fast. At the lowest customer aquisition cost. The way I do that is to get a toll free URL and use it in my ad Title/Description.

So people will see the phone number and call without clicking.

But now I am dealing with Google Quality Scores. And that makes us all work harder……

Be sure your site includes:

A Privacy Policy
An About Us page
A Contact Us Page – with an address and phone number. If you can’t put your phone number on your site you should not be in business.
Some press releases
And a few pages of fluff

That should get you by until Google slaps us again

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