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RingRevenue’s Pay Per Call Play

RingRevenue recently linked up with Commission Junction to market Pay Per Call.

Why is this important to you?

If you are a hardcore Online Marketer it’s huge.

If you are a small biz that markets in your local area, its huge-er.

Pay Per Calls Close……..

For hardcore OM’s, take a close look at the testimonials and stats.   Driving calls pays a minimum of $10.00 for each unique.  Much higher for specific markets like mortgage and insurance.   I know the product is limited right now but more will sign up.  If you were frustrated using Ingenio, Miva or eStara then sit back and keep one eye on Pay Per Call for now.


1.  AT&T jumped in this game to by buying up Ingenio in June.

2.  Google played with Pay Per Call back in 2005 and I have heard they are looking at it again now that their local search is strong.

3.  RingRevenue just picked up $3.5M in VC funding

It will grow.

For a small biz with a local market, take a close look.  You should focus on completing jobs and paying the bills, not on setting up Google Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns.   If you want more customers but don’t have the time to learn Pay Per Click marketing, BE CAREFUL.   I have seen people blow through $10,000 in a day by bidding on the wrong keywords and not setting a budget correctly.     My suggestion is you look into advertising with your dominant local online yellow page provider or get a webbie to get you signed up for Google Local Search with a simple webpage and your phone number.  It should cost you no more that $150.00.   Start small and learn.  When you’re ready to expand contact Commission Junction and look into becoming a Merchant.


With Pay Per Call, you only pay when your phone rings.

You don’t get bombed with tons of emails from people just shopping, SpamBots attacking your advertising, or a huge bill for advertising that produced no results.

There is no Click Fraud.

Calls Close.…… it will be money well spent.

Hint…….Speed is the key………you have to answer the phone……. you can expect a 20-50% close rate as long as the calls don’t go to Voicemail.

Another Hint……..Use a Vanity Number in your Pay Per Call advertising and TurboCharge your results.   We have found a minimum of 3x bump in call volume.   Almost every major company uses a Vanity Number.   There is a reason for that.

That’s enough typing for me today……….I am going back to tweaking my campaigns and more research on mobile marketing programs.


If you have a question about Pay Per Call just drop me a comment and I will let you know what I have found.

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