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What the H@#$% is this Shared Use mumbo jumbo?

Hey, I just want a phone number. Why would I want to share my use with some other competitor?.

Real Simple……remember when you could pickup waterfront property and a cute cabin for $25,000.

I don’t.

Now we are lucky to get “filtered” waterview property.

The same goes for 800#. They ain’t makin’ any more of them. And the people who own the good Vanity Numbers know it.

In life, it’s not about what you own, it is about what you control. Would you buy the Empire State Building for $800 Million if you could lease it for $99 a month?

That’s about what it costs for the average Toll Free Vanity Number per area code in the US.

It costs you * $0 * to include a Vanity Number in your advertising – you have a phone number in there anyway. But your old number is impossible for someone to memorize. In todays crazy, impulse driven world, would you remember 1-800-Contacts – or 1-800-266-8228……be honest. Is that worth $99 a month?

If you are concerned about spending money on someone elses number just remember, your agreement says you have unlimted rights to the number as long as you pay the bill. And you would pay your bill anyway, right? No one can take the number from you if you do.

Don’t forget to check with your local phone company to see if you can get a local vanity number. No one talks about these, but they cost no more than your regular phone number and work great. As long as 100% of your market is in your area code.

But then you probably would not be looking here if it was.

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